Curiosity and Control

Wonder, exploitation and the urge to preserve; Curiosity and Control explores our complex relationship to nature in a collage-like film with voices from zoo directors, historians and architects. 

The film discusses the goal of western Museums of Natural History and zoological gardens to reconnect people with nature. It raises questions about how we perceive nature and our contradictory behaviour of caging what we fear may be lost.


Curiosity and Control is a feature length documentary, written, directed and filmed by Albin Biblom.
The film had its world premiere at DOK Leipzig 2018 and has been screened by several broadcaster such as SVT, YLE and DR.

Producers: Adam Marko-Nord and Sara Waldestam

With support by: The Swedish Film Institute/Commissioning editor Cecilia Lidin
and The Swedish Television/K Special, commissioning editor Emelie Persson